About Author Nicco Boss

My name is Nicco Boss. I am an only child, a mother, a scholar, an author, and a DREAMER. I write about the fantastical ideas I have swirling around in my brain. I often don’t know from where these ideas originate — I am convinced I am from another world.

When I was young, I didn’t ask my mother if I was adopted (as children sometimes do when they feel their parents are being intolerably unfair), but rather, I asked, “What planet am I from?” I knew it couldn’t have been Mars, because I wasn’t green! And the other planets were obviously uninhabitable, so I was convinced that I had somehow been transported to Earth from another Solar System. This would explain why I had no siblings — I had traveled alone and, therefore, was meant to be on my own. It was for this reason that I developed a highly unusual imagination. After all, I had to occupy myself, and what better way than to create peculiar characters and extraordinary new worlds.

It was not until I had children of my own that these alien worlds would emerge. They had been buried in my subconscious mind for decades (dare I say centuries, since I estimate my current age to be around 400 years), and it was only with the proper inspiration that my stories (and, therefore, MY STORY) could come to life.

Hence, Message To Badabu, the first installment of The Badabu Series, was born.


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