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Julian Starz is a boy from Earth who has always felt as if he didn’t fit in, and on his 13th birthday, his life begins to change drastically. Julian’s birthday proves to be just the beginning in a sequence of abnormal events taking place in his typically normal life. His dramatic journey takes him from Earth to the far-reaches of outer space and back. Throughout his adventure, fraught with danger and suspense, Julian learns about himself and the ways of the world – both his own and his newly-discovered alien world, which may be more a part of him than he ever could have imagined!

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Chapter One
The Curse Of 13



Julian’s prediction was coming true. He had been dreading his thirteenth birthday for as long as he could remember. He hated the number 13, with all its negative connotations and the superstitious folklore surrounding it. Yet he had no way of avoiding it, and, just as he had secretly prophesied, he started feeling mysteriously different today.

As a peculiar energy swept over his entire body, he became acutely aware that a transformation was taking place within him. He knew something just wasn’t quite right, but no measure of anticipation could have prepared him for what was to come…

Chapter Two
It’s In The Stars


At first, Julian thought that the telescope was out of focus, because he didn’t see vivid streaks across the darkness, but rather bursts of irradiation. They were like strobe lights, pulsating blindingly into his eyes, altering his perception and leaving indelible marks on his retinas. Violent explosions were setting off fiery balls in all directions. Some of them looked like they were plunging straight at him through the telescope, making him feel as though he were watching a much too realistic 3-D movie. The glare from the detonations blinded him momentarily and left spots flashing across his field of vision. He tried to focus through the blurred patches of light, but what appeared next paralyzed his senses.

The blasts of light were now slowly fading, dissipating into the darkness, and all that was left were the remnants of the exhibition that had preceded. Just as the illumination of fireworks results in a smoke-filled sky at the end of a spectacular display, this too left something behind. But unlike the hazy bands that fireworks produce, this was quite the opposite. It was a message, shining vividly on the ebony canvas of the night.